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Steve Boyum
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Brandon Baker, Mary Page Keller, Yuji Okumoto, Lee Thompson Young, Cylk Cozart, Kirsten Storms, Zachary Bostrom, Gregory Itzin, Taylor Moore, Anthony DiFranco, Steve Van Wormer, Noah Bastian, Gabriel Luque, Anne Sward, ...
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Set in the high mountains of Vermont and the giant waves of Hawaii's surf, Johnny Tsunami is an exciting adventure about a 13-year-old boy who learns to adapt to his new surroundings after his family moves from one extreme environment to another. Johnny Tsunami is filled with life's lessons in family and friendships and packed with snowboarding and surfing action.
Johnny Kapahaala (Brandon Baker) is a 13-year-old surfing sensation enjoying his carefree life in Hawaii. Living in Hawaii, Johnny K is surrounded by his surfing buddies, his parents and most importantly, his legendary grandfather Johnny Tsunami (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) who he greatly admires. Plus, he is able to enjoy his life's passion, surfing.
With the help of his grandfather, Johnny K became a champion surfer at an early age. In his own day, Johnny's grandfather was known worldwide as having won the most prestigious surfing medal, the Tsunami medallion (thus his nickname, Johnny Tsunami). This medallion is something Johnny K has coveted all of his life and has dreamed of winning himself one day. Johnny Kapahaala's Hawaiian life is turned upside-down when his father, Pete Kapahaala (Yuji Okumoto) announces that he is moving the family from Hawaii to Vermont. Pete is the opposite of his father, Johnny Tsunami, and is a businessman, not a surfer. An expert in computers, Pete has developed a classroom computer network program CLASSNET, which links schools together so they may share files and information. Johnny K is disappointed about the move to Vermont as it means moving away from his grandfather and no longer being able to surf. Taking advice from his grandfather, he knows he must keep a positive attitude and make the best of his new home.
Upon his arrival in Vermont, Johnny K is quickly aware that he is a fish out of water. His father enrolls him in a private school, Sky Academythe same school that has hired his father to implement his computer program, CLASSNET. His first introductions are with Brett (Zach Bostrom) and his friends, which include Emily Pritchard (Kirsten Storms) whom Johnny immediately likes.
Brett isn't exactly friendly to Johnny, and right away a rivalry develops between the two boys, with Emily caught in the middle. In order to try and fit in, Johnny K takes Brett up on an offer to go skiingsomething that is a must for Sky Academy students. Johnny figures with his skills in surfing that skiing could not be all that difficult, but quickly realizes it is going to take some time for him to master the sport. Brett, of course, is pleased that Johnny is having a hard time with skiing.
Riding the bus home from school one day, Johnny sees a group of boys snowboarding which piques his interest. Johnny K befriends a snowboarder by the name of Sam (Lee Thompson Young) and asks him to teach him how to master the sport. Sam explains to Johnny K that only public school kids snowboard and are referred to as "Urchins" and private school kids, like Johnny, known as "Skies" ski. Sam also explains that the mountain in their town is divided"Skies" on one side and "Urchins" on the other, and the two do not mix.
Johnny K convinces Sam to teach him to snowboard and they become fast friends. Johnny K finally feels he belongs in Vermont and has found his niche in snowboarding and the "Urchins." Of course, when Brett and the rest of the "Skies" find out, they make Johnny's school life difficult. Sam learns that he and his father, an Air Force pilot, have been transferred and he will be moving away from Vermont. Upset by this, Sam and Johnny K devise a plan and stowaway on an Air Force plane heading to Hawaii, to be with Johnny's grandfather. Johnny Tsunami, of course, convinces the boys upon their arrival, to contact their parents and explain what they have done. He also convinces the boys' parents to let them stay in Hawaii a few days. Reluctant, Sam and Johnny K's parents agree. Johnny and Sam enjoy their days in Hawaii surfing and hanging out with his grandfather. After a few days of Hawaii and guidance from Johnny's grandfather, the boys realize they need to head back to Vermontwith Johnny Tsunami, of course!
Pete was not at all happy about Johnny Tsunami returning home with the boys, but soon realizes that his father does have a positive influence on young Johnny K, after all. Soon after his return, Johnny K meets up with his nemesis, Brett. Johnny K seizes the opportunity and challenges Brett to a racehe on his snowboard and Brett on skis. Johnny K even takes the challenge a little further and claims the prize will be control of the mountain. If Johnny K wins, "Skies" and "Urchins" will mix, and the mountain will not be segregated between skiing and snowboarding.
The day of the race arrives and Johnny is nervous but excited. Once he arrives at the mountain for the race, he is even more pleased to see those he cares about most are there to cheer him onSam, his grandfather, his mother, and most importantly, his father. The race begins and off they go neck and neck all the wayhearts pounding and everyone cheering.

Also known as: 

Johnny Tsunami => France

Johnny Tsunami - Der Wellenreiter => Germany

Johnny Tsunami - O Surfista da Neve => Brazil

Johnny Tsunami - Un surfista sulla neve => Italy

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