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Peter Chelsom
John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Bridget Moynahan, Eugene Levy, Lilli Lavine, Michael Guarino Jr., Abdul Alshawish, Stephen Bruce, David Sparrow, Ann Talman, Crystal Bock, Gary Gerbrandt, Kate Blumberg, Ron Payne, ...
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Can once in a lifetime happen twice?

When Jonathan and Sara meet for the first time, there's a definite attraction between the two of them, but they're both attached. Sara is a big believer in "meant to be", and when she gives Jonathan her phone number only to have the wind blow the number from his hand, she sees this as a sign that the two of them are not meant to be together - at least not right now.

Years pass, and now Jonathan (John Cusack) is engaged to marry someone else. He loves his fiancee, but suddenly he's thinking a lot about Sara. Across the country, Sara (Kate Beckinsale) has also just gotten engaged, but she's starting to wonder about Jonathan. They're both starting to wonder what might have been.

The two launch a search to find one another, armed with very little information about the other - they don't even know each other's last name, let alone an address or phone number.

The plot twists as the two try to find one another in New York City, seemingly against all odds, although they're closer than either of them knows. Their paths ALMOST cross several times, but not quite. Will they ever find each other? Will they find each other again before Jonathan marries Halley? Or will it be too late?

Also known as: 

Señales de amor => Argentina

Señales de amor => Uruguay

Señales de amor => Venezuela

Erotas met' empodion => Greece

Escrito nas Estrelas => Brazil

Feliz Acaso => Portugal

Heureux hasard => Canada

Igra sudbine => Serbia

Igraszki losu => Poland

Lunefulde lykke => Denmark

Noroc in dragoste => Romania

Om ödet får bestämma => Sweden

Sattumalta => Finland

Serendipity => Spain

Serendipity - Quando l'amore è magia => Italy

Szerelem a végzeten => Hungary

Tesadüf => Turkey

Un amour à New York => France

Weil es Dich gibt => Germany

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